Amadeus Arkham

Creator of Arkham Asylum


Amadeus Arkham was the only son of mentally-ill Elizabeth Arkham, Amadeus watched his mother struggle with her illness for years, which drove him to become a psychiatrist. After her death, he became the sole owner of her home, the Mercey Mansion, which he decided to turn into a facility for the mentally ill. He gave up his practice in Metropolis and moved his wife Constance and daughter Harriet into the mansion.

During the remodeling process, one of Arkham’s former patients, Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins, escaped from Metropolis Penitentiary and broke into the Arkham family living quarters. Amadeus returned home that night and discovered both his wife and daughter had been raped and murdered, with Hawkins’ nickname carved into Constance’s chest. Hawkins was recaptured shortly after the Asylum opened and became one of its first inmates. Amadeus insisted on treating him personally. Hawkins died after six months of treatment due to an a accidental lethal dosage of electroshock therapy.

Dr. Arkham served nobly in mental health treatment for the criminally insane but he developed severe paranoia that eventually became violent and he had to be committed to his own asylum where he died in 1923.

A very few people believe that his ghost haunts the place.

Amadeus Arkham

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