Frank Hayes

Archbishop of Gotham


Patron: Tammany Hall
Religious Rank 7
Reputation “Selfless”
Social Regard 5 (Venerated)

Duty – Catholics (12 or less)
Vow of Chastity


Following the death of Cardinal Farley in September 1918, Hayes was installed as Archbishop on the following March 19. He founded the archdiocesan Catholic Charities in 1920, and subsequently became known as “the Cardinal of Charities.” In a 1921 pastoral letter, Hayes strongly condemned abortion, contraception and divorce.

The Cardinal opposed Prohibition, backed legislation to limit indecency on the stage, and endorsed unemployment relief during the Great Depression. Commenting on the Depression in 1931, he stated, “The American people are experiencing a return to religion following a period of carelessness and cynicism marked by the prosperity of the land…Now they are returning when they find they are in need of something greater than the material in facing adversity and stress.” After Rev. Charles Coughlin praised Mayor Jimmy Walker in New York, Hayes (who had earlier denounced Walker for his perceived lack of morality) ruled that no ecclesiastical visitor might address a religious gathering without the Cardinal’s permission

Frank Hayes

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