The Hope or the Horror of Gotham


ST: 15
DX: 15
IQ: 13
HT: 12
Perception: 15

Reputation “Fights criminals”
Signature Gear
Very Fit

Bad Temper
Duty (Citizens of Gotham) (6 or less)
Enemies (Police and Criminal organizations)
Reputation “Violent man”


He was first sighted as early as 1928, standing on top of tall buildings in Gotham at night. Nobody thought much of the man until 1929 when he started attacking criminals. Witnesses, usually shaken by recent events, describe him as a tall strong, heavyset man wearing the costume in the picture. His voice is described as a harsh whisper.

Although he seems to prefer using hands, feet, and special tools to apprehend criminals, he has displayed no hesitation to use guns. Several witnesses say they have seen him shot with no visible effect. He rarely makes direct contact with the police, preferring to leave bound criminals,witnesses, and physical evidence for the police to do with as they will.

The one criminal who successfully evaded legal charges brought by the Bat-Man was found beaten to death a couple of weeks later. Nobody has been charged for the crime.

The Bat-Man has frequently been seen leaving the scene of various crimes and Police Commissioner Mulrooney has issued standing orders to bring the Bat-Man in for questioning if possible. So far all police officers have who have encountered the Bat-Man have deemed it not possible.

The Bat-Man frequently questions criminals seeking information about greater criminals. Survivors describe this as a terrifying experience as the Bat-Man seems to have considerable information about the Gotham city criminal network and is particularly harsh with inaccurate or intentionally incomplete answers. He has been known to reward good informants by letting them go regardless of their crime. Most flee the city immediately.

There has been speculation that somebody in the Gotham city police department is working with the Bat-Man, in part because a large electric spotlight showing the Bat-Man’s trademark symbol was delivered to the police department. Although it has been kept under lock and key by the police, it occasionally is turned on at night for short periods of time.


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