Cecil Kent

Liquor Supplier to the Good People of Gotham


Cecil grew up in crustiest portion of Gotham’s upper crust, but always longed to be something more than another trust fund kid with a sinecure on Mall Street. In his early 20’s on a trip to Europe, he discovered a love for fine wines and spirits, and found a calling. Upon his return to Gotham, he set up a small import export business to supply the finest European alcohol to the finest American tycoons and socialites. With his excellent social skills and knack for business, he quickly found success, and ran a small but profitable business for several years, until Prohibition hit.

Since then, he’s been forced to move underground, but only just. His small volume, influential clientele, and personal access to Harvey Bullock have allowed him to continue his operation more or less uninterrupted. He no longer owns a storefront and has to make a few more bribes, but margin’s are up and his services are even more in demand. Likewise, he’s developed connections with Gotham’s organized crime rings, avoiding their attention by staying out of the mass market booze trade and ensuring Carmine Falcone always has a bottle of his favorite Bourbon available.

Cecil’s a natural socialite and businessman, with a sharp mind and strong connections to the powerful people in Gotham. However, he’s also selfish and overconfident, prone to prioritize money over all else, and to sample his own goods perhaps a bit more than is advisable. He’s also relatively inexperienced at defending himself, generally relying on his bodyguard / driver Jeeves when threatened, though he has spent some time on the shooting range since moving into the world of crime. Ultimately, he wants to keep Gotham just how it is – corrupt, rich, and just a little dangerous, a perfect environment to make money off the vices of the wealthy.

Recent events have seen Cecil become more directly involved in Carmine Falcone’s criminal operation. While he continues to run his liquor business, Cecil is no longer a mere opportunist, and has taken sides in the conflict over who should run the streets of Gotham

Cecil Kent

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