Clarence Fitzclarence

Tiny little "muscle"


Clarence grew up on the mean streets of Metropolis, thrown out of an orphanage at age 8 for repeated misbehavior and drunkenness. Once out, he quickly fell in with a gang of criminally-minded children, who taught him how to survive through begging, picking pockets, minor theft, and other petty crimes. As he grew older (though not much taller) he quickly learned to use his diminutive stature to his advantage, manipulating people’s expectations and making a fair living as a minor criminal.

Along the way, he noticed he had an affinity for …metallic objects. When he focused, he could reach out with his mind and manipulate them. At first, he could barely lift a sewing needle, but as time when on, his strength grew, and theft became even easier.

A few years back, he attempted to lift (ERIK’S NEW CHARACTER HERE)‘s wallet, and was caught. Seeing his potential, (ERIK’S NEW CHARACTER HERE) took him under his wing, and Clarence’s life changed forever. Since that day, his telekinetic strength has grown to frankly absurd levels, and the crimes he’s involved in have become far more interesting.

Despite this, Clarence remains a street orphan and petty criminal at heart. He’s constantly struggling against the urge to steal from everyone around him, has trouble throwing things away, and looks out for himself over everyone else. He’s also a massive Dodgers fan, who attends games whenever he can, and hates the Giants with a fiery passion. Reluctantly, he’s been forced to leave his beloved hometown and journey to Gotham, by the opportunity to pull the biggest heist of his life.


Clarence Fitzclarence

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