Clyde Parker

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"


Clyde Parker is a handsome man of average height, with dark hair and a youthful demeanor. The clothing that he generally wears isn’t necessarily the best looking in terms of style, but specially created in a way that he could hold more firearms. In fact, he is never seen without at least one, if not more, on his person at all times.


Clyde grew up on a large family ranch in Texas. With little entertainment otherwise, he and his brothers would spend their free time shooting small game and stationary targets from a distance.

Having a natural talent for marksmanship, Clyde eventually went on to become proficient with multiple types of guns, and began to compete, going all the way to the National Matches. His performance was impressive for his age, and due to some convincing from some officers there, he went on to enlist in World War I. His fellow servicemen were impressed by his accuracy and high kill rate during his time there, though were a little concerned by his behavior in the heat of battle – his decisions were much more unorthodox at that stage, and he had a glint in his eyes that signaled that he may have been enjoying the whole ordeal a little too much.

After the war, Clyde decided to move to Metropolis instead of going back home, due to issues with his own family. He opened up a small sporting goods store at the beginning, and did okay at it due to his knowledge of the items that he sold. However, Clyde became more involved in shadier deals as time went on due to the contacts that he made to get rarer and better guns. He did not mind – he actually was missing the adrenaline rush that he experienced during the war. Word about his marksmanship skills did get out, and he began to participate in some side jobs that would satisfy this urge.

After some time, some events happened that led Clyde to need to leave Metropolis for elsewhere. Luckily, through one of his contacts, he had heard of a certain man collecting people with skills for a job in Gotham. Clyde managed to get in contact with Mr. Stix, and after impressing him with what he had to offer, he joined Stix and his companion on their journey for Gotham.

Once the museum stint was over, Clyde decided to settle down in Gotham and open up yet another “Rod and Gun” business, finding a little more success on the gun sale end due to the nature of this city compared to the previous one. Despite the increase in business, he still closes shop early from time to time, sometimes for days on end depending on the “mission” that was given to him due to what he has to offer.

Clyde Parker

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