Seargent Di. Michael VinSant

A good cop working in the GCPD Major Crimes Unit.


ST 12
DX 12
IQ 13
HT 11

Age: 36

Legal Enforcement Powers
Police Rank 2
Reputation (Always keeps his word.)
Smooth Operator

Dependants (children)
Duty (GCPD)
Sense of Duty (companions)
Enemy (criminals, Sullivan Boys)
Addicted (Cigarettes)


images.jpg rRecently promoted to Seargeant, Michael’s fellows describe him as fearless, a family man, but a workaholic. A man who has a concise understanding of his goals and a means to reach them. He is devoted to his family, his community, the city of Gotham, and his friends. He is often torn between his children’s needs and the city of Gotham.

He dresses in common clothes generally in black or dark brown. By typically wears a tie when “on duty” and is never without his nickel plated colt 45 magnum. A fine preice of art work with the stopping power of a frieght train.

DT Michael VinSant is a workaholic. He has faith in the GCPD and understands there is some corruption.

He doesn’t dis believe in supernatural, magical, or mysterious things. The Church had once taught him that sometimes, these things are miracles of God’s work. But nowadays, he certainly trusts his fellows, good detective work, and an accurate, well maintained .45 more than any Book of mythology. If he sees it with his own eyes. He’ll believe it possible.

Seargent Di. Michael VinSant

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