Edward Mulrooney

Gotham Police Commisioner


Legal Enforcement Powers
Patron: Tammany Hall
Police Rank 8
Social Regard 5 (Respected)
Wealth: Comfortable

Dependent Spouse
Duty (Police) (12 or less)


A non-entity favored by Tammany Hall for various bureaucratic positions. Prior to this position, he was selected for the Gotham City Alcoholic Beverage Control Board solely for his lack of knowledge in the area. Mulrooney was promoted to Police Commissioner in 1930 to replace a brutal predecessor who had broken up a march against Prohibition using 1,000 nightstick-wielding policemen.

Mulrooney has since sought to curb the use of violence by the police department, arguably the first major independent action of his adult life.

Edward Mulrooney

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