Elizabeth "Lizzy" Brown

Warehouse and for those in the know Speakeasy business owner


ST 10
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 11


Acute Hearing 1
Appearance (Attractive)
Charisma 2
Contact Group (Smugglers)
Contract Group (Speakeasy Customers)
Reputation (Community Leader)
Reputation (Honest Businessman)
Smooth Operator 1
Wealth (Comfortable)


English (Native)


Addiction (Tobacco)
Code of Honor (Professional)
Enemy (Loan Sharks)
Sense of Duty (Queens)


Elizabeth “Lizzy” Brown grew up in Queens. Her father, a lawyer, often took cases fighting for the rights of the common man. Like her father, Lizzy believes in standing up for others and doing what’s right. Her mother was very active in the Women’s Suffrage Movement and is currently helping build an organization providing aid for the poor. She instilled in Lizzy the belief that she could attain anything in life she put her mind to. It just took determination, hard work, and working together with others.

In her childhood, one memory that stands out was about a street tough name Antonio. He would pick on younger, smaller kids to steal their lunch. She came home angry one day, wanting her father to teach her boxing in order to stand up to this bully. Instead he encouraged her to get to know Antonio. She needed to see the world through his eyes first. Then she should come up with a more appropriate solution than fighting. She followed his advice and it turned out that Antonio’s father had lost his job. Antonio was stealing lunches in order to help feed his 6 siblings. Her solution? Using father’s network to help Antonio’s father find a job.

In her adult life Lizzy fell in love Jack Brown. They were married in their early twenties. Though they were never able to have children, they spent a great deal of time together running his family business and socializing at speakeasys. Jack taught her snooker and introduced her to boating. Both of which are pastimes she enjoys to this day. Jack owned a warehouse on the docks. Though not unprofitable, Jack added to their income though one of his boating buddies. This friend was a booze smuggler and needed a safe house to store product. It was nice additional income and introduced Lizzy to the smuggler contacts she has today.

Over the years, however, Jack developed a weakness for gambling. He did his best to hide it, but towards the end it became obvious that Jack had a debt he could not pay off. Enforcers started harassing Jack and he had to admit to Lizzy what he owed them. She was angry, but convinced Jack that they just needed to work something out with the people he owed. He agreed to try, but during the meeting they threatened Lizzy. Jack took offense and in the resulting scuffle Jack was killed. Despite his death, they have refused to let Lizzy off the hook for the debt. Too afraid to outright refuse, she used her silver tongue to convince them to give her a year’s reprieve, allow her to start her business and then start paying off the debt. The year is just about up. Although her Speak Easy business in the back of the warehouse has been successful enough to allow her to start making payments, she is not looking forward to interacting with those Jack owed. She is angry at them for Jack’s death, but afraid of them and can’t see a solution to her problem.

Lizzy is a very social person. She loves to socialize with people. She is friendly, talkative and outgoing. Running her speakeasy is more leisure than a job. She enjoys what she does. With the effects of the current depression, she feels that she is doing a service for the community. Folks work hard to scrape by. They need a place to relax, have fun, and socialize. Her Speakeasy provides just that.

Lizzy finally gave up on Gotham after the events in “Desires” and moved to Metropolis.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Brown

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