Herr Professor Doktor Heinrich Wittelsbach von Düsseldorf

A German Occultist seeking information on the world's most powerful Sorcerer ... BATMAN


ST 10
DX 11
IQ 15
HT 10


Magery 1
Status +1
Tenure (Professor)
Unusual Background (Family interest in the Occult)
Wealth (Comfortable)


German (Native)
English (Accented)
French (Accented)


Addiction (Tobacco)
Bad Sight – Farsighted (Monocle and Glasses Mitigation)
Curious (12 or less)
Major Delusion (Batman is a powerful Sorcerer, and I must uncover his secrets)
Frightens Animals
Obsessive (Uncover the Mysteries of the Arcane) (Long Term Goal)
Post Combat Shakes (12 or less)
Odious Personal Habit (Always corrects people)
Weirdness Magnet


Heinrich was born into a wealthy aristocratic family from western Germany, and grew up in a life of privilege. From an early age, he proved both extremely intelligent and utterly incapable of focusing on one field of study. He attended University in Berlin for many years, constantly switching his Major, before graduating on the eve of the First World War with a degree in Mathematics. He began the war as a clerk in a Division’s logistics department, quickly demonstrated his capability, and eventually moved into Cryptography, where he served out the rest of the war.

When his father died in the war, leading troops on the Western Front, Heinrich was left the head of his family. Returning home after the peace was signed, Heinrich learned of his family’s long and varied history with the Occult while reviewing his father’s papers. Initially amused, he followed the directions for some basic rituals out of pure curiosity, and surprisingly enough was able to pick up and move a small object across the room with nothing but the force of his will. At this point, Heinrich’s life changed forever.

Despite his eccentricities, Heinrich approached the occult with the same rationality and focus with which he approaches math. Heinrich believes everything in the world, from human behavior and financial markets to spellcasting and the summoning of demons can be predicted, modeled, and replicated with the proper methods. His initial explorations into the occult communities in Weimar era Germany found little support for this view, with most “practitioners” showing few results and insufficient scientific rigor for Heinrich’s tastes. As such, he sought to continue his studies independently.

He returned to academia with the help of some colleges from the cryptography service, and continued his studies of both mathematics and the occult. His plan was to earn a Doktorate, secure a tenured teaching position, and continue his studies into magic from within the hallowed halls of academia. He completed his degree in 1926 and, much to his surprise, was offered a position at Gotham University, a school to which he didn’t even remember submitting an application. Eager to flee the chaos and disunity of Weimar Republic Germany, he accepted, and began teaching there the same year.

Since moving to Gotham, Heinrich has earned a tenured position at GU, largely due to his willingness to teach the entry level mathematics classes most professors consider beneath them. His colleagues suspect this is due to his lack of ambition, but in reality he want’s to spend as much time as possible on his true passions. His spell casting talents have grown substantially, and he has become convinced that Gotham’s own Caped Crusader must be a fellow rational practitioner. He is convinced Batman faked his demise, and is determined to meet him, learn his secrets, and develop and even deeper understanding of the workings of magic. His general lack of tact and social skills means he tells this to just about everyone he meets, along with his entire life story, which may prove disadvantageous were he to move beyond the walls of GU into the darker and seedier parts of Gotham. However, he does not care. He feels the weight that disbelievers put on his magic, and is convinced that they must be shown the error of their ways. With Batman’s help, Heinrich will PROVE that the petty, mundane world most people think they live in is an illusion, and usher in a new era of light and rational inquiry into the true nature of reality.

He died doing what he loved – fleeing from an officer of the law

Herr Professor Doktor Heinrich Wittelsbach von Düsseldorf

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