James Gordon

Captain of the Detectives


ST 10
DX 11
IQ 13
HT 10

Age: 44


Law Enforcement Powers
Legal Rank 4


Bad Vision (Wears Glasses)
Dependent Family
Duty (Police officer)
Enemies (Criminals)
Pacifism (Cannot harm innocents)
Sense of Duty (City)


James Gordon is probably the single finest police officer in Gotham City. Very smart, college educated, he is a careful investigator and has a high attention to detail. His cases rarely fail to make convictions.

Gordon is widely respected but not popular within his own department. He never goes out after work with his men and he is quick to criticize unprofessional behavior.

While the rest of the department regards the Bat-Man as some sort of well-intentioned wacko who will probably die soon, Gordon has repeatedly called for his arrest.

James Gordon

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