Jimmy Cloggs


Jimmy Cloggs was born in the sewer, grew up in the sewer, and God willing will die in the Sewer. His Father was a sewerman, Grandfather was a sewerman, and legend says his Great-Grandfather was found fully formed in the muck beneath Gotham by a team digging the first sewers, and was immediately drafted into the force. There was never any question what Jimmy’s path in life would be.

Despite having only a basic formal education, Jimmy quickly proved himself adept at every task required of a sewerman, from fixing pipes to skewering Crocodiles before they can rise up and threaten the good people of Gotham. He considers himself a humble folk hero, protecting the people above him from threats they are better off not knowing about.

He was steadily working his way up the ranks when Teddy May pulled him in to help Seargent Di. Michael VinSant investigate strange events in the sewers. Along the way, he met Doctor Dark, killed a giant mutated shark named Meisterbrau, and learned things in Gotham are even stranger than they seem. Since then, he’s largely stayed beneath the streets, leading the fight against the monsters that plague Gotham’s sewers, and looking for an opportunity to battle evil once again.

Jimmy Cloggs

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