Joey Massino

Useful but slimy


ST 12
DX 10
IQ 11
HT 14
Perception 12

Ally group (thugs)
Arm Strength +2
Contacts (lots)
Patron (Penguin)
Very Wealthy

Compulsive Carouser
Compulsive Womanizer (alcohol)
Enemies (lots)


Joey is in the process of working his way up through the ranks of the Penguin’s slowly dying criminal network. This gives him a lot of freedom to do as he likes and the Penguin likes the profits the man earns.

Joey has a reputation for violence but has never been caught actually committing any crime so nobody knows what he will do when pushed too far.

The standard mode of operation is to get somebody hopelessly in debt, keep ratcheting up the payments until the person can no longer pay, and then take over the business. Sometimes he lets the ex-owner continue to run his business, other times he puts the ex-owner on the street and brings in a more reliable manager.

Joey Massino

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