Who is this guy?


ST 11 (25?)
DX 13
IQ 13
HT 12 (15?)
Perception 14
Willpower 10

Combat Reflexes
Extra Attack
High Pain Threshold
Secret Identity
Very Wealthy

Appearance: Ugly
Disturbing Voice
Enemy (Falcone)
Reputation -3 (Violence)
Social Status: Wanted criminal
Unidentified Psychological Problems


The self-styled “Joker” is a new element in the Gotham crime scene. He is highly unpredictable, extremely intelligent, and given to occasional fits of extreme violence. So far most of his crimes have been against other criminals and primarily oriented around giving himself plenty of resources for future unknown goals.

Experts from Arkham Asylum are at a loss for words to describe him and to predict his future actions. He does not seem to be comfortable within his own head, as evidenced by his apparently recent self-mutilation. What he is like when he takes off the makeup is anybody’s guess.

Police have advised people to contact them immediately and to avoid personal confrontation at all cost. It is rumored that Carmine Falcone has put a hefty reward for the capture or murder of the Joker.

Warning: The Joker is given to very occasional feats of super-human strength and endurance


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