Jonathan Crane

Psycho Psychologist


ST: 10
DX: 11
IQ: 14
HT: 11

Allied Group: Italian Restaurant Owner and Staff
Appearance: Attractive
Patron: Arkham Asylum

Enemy – Harleen Quinn

Occasional nervous laugh


Dr. Jonathan Crane was first in his class at Harvard, specializing in what makes people afraid and how to overcome those fears. He only wanted one job when he graduated, to work for Arkham Asylum, where the staff deals with Olympic caliber insanity.

Crane was hired in 1929, just before the Crash, and seems to have done well, rising quickly to become Jeremy Arkham’s right hand man. The only obvious dark spot in his career is his growing feud with Arkham’s other assistant, Harleen Quinn. Both psychologists describe the other person as a sloppy hacker who will only make the inmates at Arkham even more dangerous.

Jonathan Crane

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