The Shadow

"Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men?"


ST: 10
DX: ??
IQ: ??
HT: ??

Height: 5’ 11" ?
Build: Light – Medium

Penetrating Voice
Mental Powers?

Emotional problems?
Trademark: Saying
Trademark: Insane laughter


Very little is known about this man other than his actions. He first appeared in January 1930 just as the public was getting used to the Bat-Man. At first the public was rather blasé about him because of Bat-Man’s positive reputation but this is no Bat-Man.

By turns he has been generous, capricious, and cruel for no apparent reason. He has no hesitation to steal from criminals or to kill them without a trial. He has two trademarks:
1. His saying that is frequently the only true indication that he has involved himself in an incident
2. Ruthlessly hunting down and executing imitators

Commisioner Edward Mulrooney, Carmine Falcone, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, and ArchbishopFrank Hayes have all offered rewards for the capture or death of the Shadow. People interested in logical puzzles have wondered how you would prove that you had solved such a nebulous yet fierce problem.

Nobody is willing to admit that they know what this man looks like and no pictures have been taken of him. He seems equally willing to use fists, knives, and guns.

About the only saving grace of this intensely disturbing man is that his actions are infrequent.

The Shadow

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