William Sutton

Quick-witted Bank Robber


ST: 9
DX: 11
IQ: 13
HT: 10
Per: 14
Will: 14
5’7", brown hair, brown eyes

Allies (Falcone and Moroni)
Charisma 2
Smooth Operator 2

Chummy 2
Code of Honor (Gentleman)
Compulsive Spending
Enemies (Gotham PD)
Light Sleeper
Social Stigma (Known Criminal)


Willie is a Gotham native who started robbing banks in the 1920’s. He served time in Attica state prison for theft but escaped with the aid of a pistol smuggled into the prison. He has since committed a string of robberies and attempted robberies.

Oddly, he likes talking to the press. When asked why he robs banks, he replied, “because that is where the money is.” He apparently lives frugally and is building quite a wad of cash for unknown purposes. He has connections all over the criminal world but nobody knows where he lives.

Although he frustrates bank managers, he has managed to capture the hearts of the common folk who see him as a perverse Robin Hood, he takes from the rich and gives to himself.

The police suspect that he also indulges in con artistry because his bank robberies frequently rely on misdirection and disguises.

William Sutton

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