Character Creation


The campaign will be told in a series of story arcs that will involve different points of view and the players may be called upon to generate and play characters with very different motivations.

Rules Changes

Affects everybody
During character creation, each character need to declare whether or not they believe in special abilities. Disbelief is a Perk and gains the player a minor bonus when being attacked using the special ability. Characters may not take the Disbelief perk if they have special abilities

Exotic/supernatural powers
Unusual backgrounds are required for all exotic/supernatural powers. The size of the unusual background depends on the size of the powers.

Exotic/supernatural powers will have a -1 skill modifier per disbeliever who witnesses the activation of the ability. Exemptions to this rule will be granted for circumstances such as a person who casts a spell at a magic show where people expect to see the impossible

- Powerstones and the Knowledge spell list do not exist in this world
- Mage characters cannot start with Magery higher than 1
- Higher powered spells can be created using grimoires and Ritual Magic.
- Casting spells and spell duration are one time increment greater than in the book. So a spell that takes one second to cast takes a minute to cast. A spell that lasts a minutes in the book lasts an hour

- The target of a mind reading attempt will detect the attempt if they make a Perception check and the difference of the contest of skills is +5 or greater
- Starting psionic powers cannot have a power level higher than 5.

Character Creation

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