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Located at the mouth of the Hudson river and blessed with one of the best harbors in the world, Gotham city is also one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world. Almost the only thing the city does not possess in abundance is solid land as the shores on either side of the river are very swampy. This has forced the booming population to build ever-higher buildings to house the population with the architects getting ever more gothic in their designs. Many bridges link the island city to the mainland, which is slowly being converted into usable space by dumping the city’s plentiful waste on the swampy shores.

An increasing number of factories and workers are fleeing the city in favor of the cheaper land on the shore. Subways have been built around the islands and under the river to support easy transit while keeping the number of cars manageable.

Recent waves of immigrants have turned sections of the city, particularly Chinatown and Harlem into virtual foreign enclaves within the city. Law enforcement in those regions is particularly weak.

Gotham has always been a businessman’s dream. The city has never been particularly law-abiding, especially when a dollar is to be made, and the rule of law is particularly weak during Prohibition. It is widely believed that tremendous quantities of alcohol pass through (and are consumed in the city) every day.

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Arkham Asylum
Blackgate Prison
Garment district
Grand Central Station
Mall Street


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