Silver Legion

The Silver Legion is a national organization with two main headquarters, the first at a farm in North Carolina, the second in the hills near Star City. There is a great deal of debate among people who are outside of the organization about which headquarters is more important and why.

The organization is led by a writer named William Dudley Pelley. Pelley had a near-death experience in 1928 in Star City while working on a screenplay. During this experience he believed that he encountered God and Christ and they urged him to reform America from its wicked ways. Pelley described the experience in a short book that was extremely popular.

Pelley moved from Star City to North Carolina and used the money to buy a farm and turn it into the base of his ideal society. He later purchased 55 acres of hills overlooking for Star City and established a “Headquarters for the coming Armageddon.” The compound is tightly guarded and nobody knows what goes on inside.

The Legion has tens of thousands of members across the US who listen to its weekly radio show and donate money and time to the organization and to their local community. It actively recruits mentalists and psychics of every stripe for unknown reasons.

Lately, for unknown reasons, the radio show has been closely following the words of the German Vice Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.

Silver Legion

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