Gotham 1931, Will it fall?

The Great Depression has set in and is obviously not going away. Major corporations are on the brink of collapse and the government seems powerless to stop it. Corruption is rampant and people are on the verge of giving up on the US, the city, and on each other. Powerful gangs are fighting it out on the street for control over bootlegged alcohol. The government and other established institutions seem to be on the verge of doing the same for other reasons.

But there is still a lot of hope as well. Most people are still employed and many still help out the less fortunate. The Jazz age is still in full swing, the theaters are doing a thriving (if heavily discounted) business, and everybody follows the exploits of the Gotham Giants and their arch-rival Brooklyn Dodgers. The Empire State Building has opened on the edge of downtown and is a wonderful fusion of art and science with a powerful broadcast tower and a blimp mooring stand at the top. At night it glows as a beacon of hope for a better future.

One of the best and strangest protections the common people had until recently was a half-mad vigilante who called himself the Bat-Man. He recently fought an epic battle against an unknown enemy in the lower East side, destroying several apartment buildings and leaving a trail of destruction for several blocks. Rumors started spreading immediately after the battle that he is dead but no body has been found. The Bat-Man has failed to respond to any signals requesting his presence since that battle and despair is rising.

The campaign will be told in a series of story arcs that will involve different points of view and the players may be called upon to generate and play characters with very different motivations.

The emphasis of the campaign will be on the movement of the city towards despair and/or hope. How the characters affect this movement and how they are affected by it will be a recurring theme as well. This is a grim setting, people, some of your characters are going to die, hopefully for the greater good

Gotham on the Brink

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