"Billy" William Bragg Jr.

Legendary Wheelman


Like many in urban Gotham, Billy comes from a broken home. Mom left years ago. He barely remembers her.

Billy worked at his Pop’s “Bragg’s Garage” for his entire life. Big Bill Sr. has worked within the underworld for decades building custom vehicles for all sorts, for all reason, including some specials for politicians and several cars for Penguin himself. Billy Jr. has learned much of his father’s trade and has custom built his own 1933 Ford BMF.

He is a real sweet, ace driver, learning to drive the local streets and has participated in official and unofficial off road, track, and street racing. He had started driving personally for Penguin but his style and reputation started bringing a bit too much heat. Now he drives for himself, freelancing jobs for cabbage when he can, but still works for his Pop to earn some legit dough. He still participates in both illegal and legal racing of all kinds to earn that extra lettuce needed for parts.

Billy has a bit of an edge and rarely backs down from a challenge…especially if it has anything to do with wheels. He doesn’t like the idea of being a trigger man but he’ll back you up if you need it. He is always seen wearing some serious iron. He carries two scatter cannons; one with slugs, the other buckshot.

"Billy" William Bragg Jr.

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