Edgar Mandragora

Psychic Villain


ST: 10
DX: 11
IQ: 12
HT: 10
Will: 16


Enemy – Mr. (Umbra) Stix
Enemy – Silver Legion
Fears being touched


Originally from Star City, Edgar learned to control his powers by joining the Silver Legion at their base there. He also learned the potential value of the Eagle Diamond and grew tired of listening to neo-Nazi slogans. Following the lead of his enemy Umbra Stix, he left the compound using his powers to walk out the gate in broad daylight undetected.

Edgar likes to work through intermediaries, avoiding personal contact with his opponent until the last moment. He intensely dislikes being thwarted in any contest.

His powers have greatly improved with the acquisition of the Eagle Diamond and he is now a fearsome opponent.

Edgar Mandragora

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