Harvey Dent

Rapidly Rising Assistant DA who has fallen


ST 10
DX 11
IQ 13
HT 11

Age: 26, Height: 5’ 11", Weight: 160

Charisma 2
Reputation: Squeaky Clean +4
Smooth Operator 2
Status 2

Duty (12 or less) (Gotham City)
Pacifism (Cannot harm innocents)


Harvey Dent is probably the most brilliant lawyer in Gotham and has a reputation for absolute honesty and incorruptibility.

The second son of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent city history, Harvey lacked for nothing while growing up. It was no surprise that he gravitated towards law and was one of the finest students to study the subject at Harvard in some years. But it was a great shock when the newly minted young lawyer decided to go to work for the badly underfunded and overwhelmed Gotham District Attorney’s office instead of a cushy job as a defense lawyer.

It was an even greater surprise when he not only won a series of cases that the department had considered already lost but he help streamline the process to cut down on the backlog of cases. All attempts at bribery have ended very badly for the bribers.

Dent is rumored to be friends with James Gordon and is well-known to be a supporter of the Bat-Man

Possibly the man’s only sin is that he makes no bones about being politically ambitious. But considering the quality of the competition, that might not be a sin either.

Dent chose to focus on Salvatori Moroni, gathering enough evidence to get him arrested The resulting trial became a showcase of Dent’s political ambitions and how he was going to drag Moroni through the mud until he got as much publicity as possible and Moroni went to jail for as absolutely long as possible.

This plan failed when Moroni’s volatile temper snapped and he threw acid in Dent’s face. Dent managed to block some of the acid so only half of his face was burned but medicine could do nothing to prevent severe scarring. Dent was taken to Arkham Asylum to deal with the resulting severe psychological scars.

Harvey Dent

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