Mr. (Umbra) Stix

Mentalist and part-time Con Artist


Mr. Stix is just above average height with wide set yellow-green eyes and short curly ash-brown hair. He generally wears a respectable woolen light grey suit and waistcoat adorned typically with a pleasant bowtie or necktie and pocket watch. He sometimes carries a common nondescript cane though it doesn’t appear that he needs assistance walking. The keen eye would notice a small shoulder holster, and the face of his pocket watch is that of the face of an owl.


Mr. Stix has traveled all over the U.S. He has lived among common people in towns and small cities and even spent some time living in Metropolis where he met Clarence Fitzclarence and Clyde.

He doesn’t talk much of his past. Even his associate Fitzclarence doesn’t know much about him.

Umbra rides a Harley-Davidson RL45 with a sidecar.

He smokes a pipe. It helps him “relax”, which helps his health!

His Restricted Diet (Vegetarian) may not have been VERY common in 1929 but he swears that it keeps him youthful, energetic, and is at the root of his impeccable health.

He leaves small tin owl coins at the scene of any major heist that he pulls off. Bubo.jpg

And when he uses any Telepathic Power an “Avatar” appears in the mind of the target. It is the image of a great grey owl.


Mr. (Umbra) Stix

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