Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

The Penguin - Fading Crime Lord


ST 11
DX 11
IQ 14
HT 13


Contact Group (Criminal Contacts)
Patron Tammany Hall
Status 3
Wealth (Filthy Rich)


Appearance (Ugly)
Bad Temper
Disturbing Voice
Quirk – Always carries an umbrella
Quirk – Usually dresses in formal wear
Quirk – Frequently has beautiful women near his person
Quirk – Very strange laugh


The Cobblepot family has been in Gotham for a very long time but never made any particular lasting impression until the 1890’s when Daniel Cobblepot made his fortune in creating the first factory for industrial petro-chemicals in Gotham.

Daniel Cobblepot was a brilliant and intense chemist who worked himself into an early grave experimenting with very strange chemicals. He left behind a timid wife and a newborn child, Oswald. Oswald was always strangely shaped and his mother kept hoping that he would grow out of it while it was obvious to everybody else that he was getting worse.

Whatever physical issues Oswald suffered, he more than made up for them in mental accomplishments. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in business and the best grades seen in that school in the last 30 years. Rumors followed his graduation that the grades had been purchased but nothing stuck.

Known as the Penguin (behind his back) for his appearance and his love of ornithology, Oswald blazed a trail of sharp deals and broken enemies through Wall Street and appears to have fallen into crime because the profit margin is higher. His contempt for the police is potentially unmatched in Gotham.

He is always a snappy dresser, wearing formal wear and an umbrella regardless of the weather, and is frequently seen in the company of beautiful women.

Recently he has officially stepped out of the crime world to run a new night club called the Iceberg Lounge. He has explained that the profits in gambling and show business are nearly as high as bootlegging and the risks are far lower. Observers have wondered if this newfound interest in going legitimate has anything to do with the rise of Carmine Falcone.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

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