Salvatori Moroni

Wanna-be crime lord


ST 12
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 11

Contacts – Lots
Patron – Carmine Falcone
Very Wealthy
Status – 2

Addiction – Alcohol
Addiction – Tobacco
Bad Back
Compulsive Carousing
Dependents – Family
Distinctive Scar (Left Hand)
Reputation -2 (Violent)


Sal Moroni came up through the ranks the hard way, doing what nobody else wanted to do and showing some intelligence in how he did it.

He was Falcone’s right hand man since his predecessor showed the bad judgment of attempting to swim in the East river with steel boots bolted to his feet.

Although the man is a thug, he has the mind of an accountant and never forgets people who have helped or harmed him.

Moroni is very proud of how he made his fortune. His only son is now making a name for himself as a bootlegger.

Eventually Moroni broke away from Falcone and struck out on his own. The venture was ill-fated from the beginning and a street war with Falcone’s operation was only narrowly averted. The resulting competition between the two sides drove the price of illegal alcohol to new lows, cutting much more into Moroni’s income than Falcones. Somebody within Moroni’s operation gave Harvey Dent the evidence he needed to arrest Moroni and try him for a wide range of crime, all of which he had unfortunately committed.

The trial was far longer than necessary as Dent shaped it to meet his political ambitions and Dent showed no mercy, taking every opportunity to humiliate Moroni and taking advantage of his bad temper to get him to make inflammatory remarks. Finally Moroni could not take it any longer and, using some of his last trustworthy contacts, got some very powerful acid that he threw in Dent’s face during a questionable line of inquiry that the entertained judge allowed. Moroni exulted in bringing down his enemy but was shot dead by the judge.

Salvatori Moroni

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