Dent Construction Industries

Dent Construction was very likely the biggest and wealthiest companies in Gotham at the start of the Stock Market crash in 1929.

It has survived the Crash but took a terrible beating in cancelled contracts and vanishing tenants. Nobody knows how close it is to going under because the company is 100% owned by the Dent family, particularly the eldest son of the founder, Alvin Dent.

Alvin retired about 10 years before the crash and left his eldest son, Richard in charge. Richard changed the focus of the company to concentrate almost exclusively on skyscrapers in the financial district. This proved to be an excellent idea until the crash when several stock brokers committed suicide by jumping out the window.

Among Dent Construction’s woes are legal troubles from bereaved family members that complain that their relatives would still be alive if the windows in the buildings were not so flimsy.. So far the cases have been thrown out of court but they suck off money that could have been used for other things.

Dent Construction Industries

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