Gotham City Stats

Gotham City (1930)

Population: 3,000,000
Search Modifier: +3

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Swampy coast with islands
Appearance: 0
Hygiene: -1
Magic: Normal Mana (Enchantments: Rare)

Culture and Economy

Language: English (Italian, Yiddish, German, various Slavic languages, Greek, Chinese)
Tech Level: 6
Wealth: Average (with pockets of extreme wealth)
Literacy: Common but not universal
Social Status Range: -2 to 6

Political Environment

Government: Officially Representative Democracy, effectively Oligarchy by Tammany Hall
Control Rating: 3 (Corruption: -2)
*Military Resources: * $150 million / month (Fortifications: 0)

Notes and History

+2 to find Financial Services of all sorts

Gotham City Stats

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